Joining a Local Sports League

Getting a Good Workout


There are some sports that offer little in the way of exercise, but many of them can be considered a true workout. Competing against others makes it seem less like exercise, so the fun is in the challenge of trying to win. Working within a group means the burden of effort is shared by all, and developing close ties is all part of the fun. When the match is over, everyone should feel they have done their part to advance the team’s standing.

Getting enough exercise when playing any particular sport might not be quite enough for some people, but they can always supplement their field exercise with quality time in the gym. If they are part of a team, it is more likely they will find someone to go with them. Chatting about teammates and strategy can make the workout seem easier, and the time will pass without too much notice. They will be more likely to add a gym workout if they feel the need to help their team win, so exercise will tend to be a contribution to their new team instead of drudgery.

Field time is often intense, and those who have been in a league for a few seasons will have their share of fans rooting for them. Their loved ones may show up at each game, and it gives them another incentive to get out there and give everything they have. This will increase their exercise, but it will also give them a deeper sense of accomplishment.

For those just starting out with the team, there can be a feeling they have to live up to its reputation. They will give their best performance, and the amount of exercise they accomplish will be due to their need to shine before their new team members.